Concert Food Vendor Agreement

The City of Akron

Lock 3

Request for Proposals

The City of Akron is seeking proposals from food service vendors for the 2016 season at Lock 3, owned and operated by the City of Akron.


1. Valid license to conduct a Food service Operation (FSO) in the County of Summit, and compliance with all rules and regulations of the Summit County Health Department.

2. Valid Vendor’s Permit from the State of Ohio Department of Taxation, and compliance with its rules and regulations. (An Itinerant Vendors Permit from the City of Akron is not required to operate a food service within the Lock 3 venue.)

3. Agreement to abide by the Lock 3 Vendor Rules and Regulations (attached) including insurance requirements and agreement to pay the required fees to the City of Akron.


All vendors need to submit a proposed menu with prices, together with a statement of its proposed operation, including whether the vendor will use its own trailer; or, if the vendor is requesting the use of a Lock 3 Cottage. If the vendor has its own trailer, a photo of the trailer needs to accompany the submission.

Interested parties must complete the attached Vendor Proposal, including as much detail as possible. Return completed proposals, and signed copies of the rules and regulations sheets, to Tish Jernigan, 166 S. High Street Room 201, Akron, Ohio 44308.

The deadline for submissions is 4:00pm, Friday March 25, 2016.


The City will review all submissions and select vendors who will provide the best options and prices for the scheduled events.

The City will select the number of vendors who can provide a variety of food items, without such competition that will make the events unprofitable for any one vendor. We will not permit duplicated products, so vendors may be asked to alter their menu accordingly.

Past participation in Lock 3 events, and/or operating an existing food service operation in Downtown Akron will be considered favorably, but does not determine the selection of vendors for this season.

Interested parties should read and understand the attached Rules and Regulations before submitting a request. Vendors selected for Lock 3 must participate in EVERY scheduled event as outlined in the 2016 Rules and Regulations.

City of Akron

2016 Lock 3 Vendor Rules and Regulations

1. By requesting participation at Lock 3 events, the vendor is agreeing to observe all rules, and to be present at all dates of all events for the time required.

2. Location: Lock 3 Entertainment Venue in downtown Akron, 200 S. Main St.

3. Dates: Generally, Lock 3 events are Fridays: May 27th – September 2rd, 2016 and Saturdays: June 25th – September 3rd, 2016. (Excluding festivals as noted below including July 9th and 10th and August 13th & Aug. 14th.All events take place rain or shine.

4. Times are approximately 6:00pm – 11:00pm nightly. Some shows may start earlier. Vendors are expected to be ready and open for business when gates open, and to remain open for the duration of the event until concessions are closed by the park manager. Gates open ½ hour before show starts.

5. Fees:

6. The Rib, White and Blue Festival is produced by the City of Akron and brings in additional food vendors, July 1st through 4th. Lock 3 vendors are permitted but not required to participate in this event.

7. The Italian Festival is produced by an outside promoter, July 7th thru July 9th. Lock 3 vendors are permitted to participate in this event only with the approval of the event promoter and under the conditions provided by the promoter.

8. The National Hamburger Festival is produced by an outside promoter, August 13th and 14th. Lock 3 vendors are permitted to participate in this event only with the approval of the event promoter and under the conditions provided by the promoter.

9. Menu: Food items must be approved by the city. The City of Akron will be selling all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Vendors may be permitted to sell specialized beverages only with the written consent of the City. The City of Akron will be selling hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, and candy. Vendors will not be permitted to sell these items.

10. Utilities: Limited water and electricity are available.

11. Vendors may sell and/or distribute printed advertising, samples and souvenirs and may display artwork from within the vendor’s own space only; provided that all distributed and/or displayed materials shall be subject to the approval of the City of Akron.

12. The vendor contact listed on the application shall be authorized to make all decisions regarding exhibiting at the 2016 summer events at Lock 3 Venue on behalf of the vendor.

Vendor Rules and Regulations

Page Two

13. Vendor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City of Akron, the Akron Civic Theatre, and all sponsors and employees, representatives and agents of each from any and all claims, liabilities, costs and charges (including attorneys fees and costs) for injury, loss or damage to the property of persons (including death) arising out of the vendors activities in connection with the 2016 events at Lock 3, or any breach of representation. The City of Akron, the Downtown Akron Partnership, and all sponsors and employees, representatives and agents of each shall not be liable for any claims, liabilities, costs and charges (including attorneys fees) arising out of an injury, loss or damage to the person or property of Vendor, its employees, representatives or agents. Vendor shall provide and maintain in effect workers’ compensation and employee liability (if applicable) and comprehensive general liability insurance containing a waiver of subrogation in favor of the City of Akron in such amounts acceptable to the City of Akron and evidence of such shall be provided to the City of Akron promptly upon its request.

14. Vendor shall pay any and all sales taxes, fees and assessments required by any applicable federal, state, or local law in connection with Vendor’s participation in the 2016 summer events at Lock 3 Venue. Vendor shall indemnify, defend, and hold the City of Akron harmless for any and all taxes (including fees and penalties, if any) required to be paid by the City of Akron in connection with the Vendor’s activities. Vendor shall provide the City of Akron with all requested documentation to evidence vendor’s compliance with tax laws and rules.

15. If for any reason a 2016 summer event at Lock 3 is cancelled or rescheduled, Vendor’s shall have no remedy whatsoever.

16. Failure to adhere to provided schedule and times may result in forfeiture of Vendor’s permission to participate in this and future Lock 3 Venue events.

17. Vendor is required to keep allotted space and surrounding area clean and free of trash and debris. While onsite, vendor needs to act as a representative of the City of Akron Lock 3, behaving in a courteous, friendly, and non-discriminatory manner towards patrons and staff.

18. Vendor space is only guaranteed during the scheduled Rock the Lock and Lock 3 Saturday Night 2016 events.


I have read and understand the rules for being a Vendor for the Lock 3 Venue, summer 2016.



200 S. MAIN ST




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