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Groundhog Day 5k

Saturday, February 2nd

8:00am to 1:00pm

Limited space for inaugural run around Lock 3 over and over and over, just like the movie!

Stay for the movie GROUNDHOG DAY and drink specials!

Participants get a shirt a medal. Runners are also provided with a beer and snack at the end of the run!

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Race Description: A 5K in the spirit of the movie Groundhog Day! Each runner will complete a 5K in SEGMENTS of 800 meters. Like the movie, once the last runner in your group completes the 833 meter segment you will be given 1 minute rest period and then start the next 833 meters again as if it were Groundhog Day again!
The race is as follows: 6 x 833 meters with a minimum of a 1 minute rest between each set. Your 6 segments will be added together at the end to calculate your 5K total time.
This is a LIMITED EXPERIENCE! We are capping the event at 160 runners which will be made up of four 40 person “heats”. You will be assigned a starting time and will run with others of similar ability.